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People who pretend to be something they are not and then try and hide behind autonomy are at worst despicable, at best deplorable.  Murray G. is one of these people.  He parades as something he is not - the China Foreign Teachers Union - such a union does not exist (except in his head), he steals the intellectual property rights of others and creates incredible eye-saws that he publishes with great personal pride. Perhaps, if he would take his hand off his joy stick for 5-minutes and realize his puerile rubbish, is just that - an ejaculation of obscenities. 

Murray G lives in a dream world.  Much of what he says is true, some is lies. So how do you know what to believe when so much is based on speculation, decade old rubbish and fantasies of his own making.  Take this site, as an example.  Tesol-China ceased recruitment operations in 2005, it was never privately owned, and it was one of the original SAFEA approved WFOE and registered as an official Human Resources company (long before English First) in China ... and that meant subject to full government scrutiny.

Therefore, in light of the immature, incorrect and mischievious attempts at malignation by drop-outs who are masquarading as the protectors of the foreigners who have travelled to China with the intent of broadening their minds and resumes ... please bid farewell to the information only (since 2005) website at China-Tesol.


Use common sense, as you would at home. China has many crooks, cheats and scamers.  As with anything it is buyer beware, and the most obvious of those to avoid are individuals who profess to be benefactors and represent your interests ... go, enjoy your sojourn and experiences in China, don't expect too much, engage with the locals; and, please, do not judge. Be guarded at all times and think first in all matters. 

Because you speak English and have a vocational certificate does not make you a qualified teacher in China ... if you were credentialed you would be employed at home and have no need to slog it out in China. Be realistic.

Murray G. has listed China-Tesol as current; albeit, they ceased operations in 2005 and were 100% legitimate. What is this man's agenda? Aggrandizement? Or is he one of the many pedophiles we had thrown out of China, hence his compulsion to target China-Tesol and need for a pseudonym.