Solving teaching problems with TESOL teaching method


Here I would like to talk about 3 difficulties we may meet when teaching.And how to use TESOL teaching method to solve these problems.


1.obey rules and help students obey the rules

First,it is quite important that teachers must obey their own rules. Teachers who are courteous, prompt, enthusiastic, in control, patient and organized provide examples for their students through their own behavior. If teacher want students to use quiet voices in their classroom while they work, they too will use a quiet voice as they move through the room helping youngsters. Students, especially young children, learn by imitating others' behavior, thus teacher's good behaviors definitely can be a nice example for students.

  Second,give rewards for good behaviour. Teachers must use lots of positive feedback. It is necessary to give rewards for good behaviour, but these should be non-sugar gifts. In addition, if teachers bring other items into the classroom, they must be mindful of what type of items they choose because children by nature are extremely curious and love to touch things.

2.I think it is hard for a English teacher to change the discipline methods to different age group students.

First of all, we’ve learnt that minors have four stages of development where teacher should change the discipline methods for corresponding age group. The stages include recalcitrant behaviour ,self-Serving behavior ,interpersonal Discipline and self-discipline.

It is kind of relieve for me to further know about children have typical personalities from certain age group which might always stop the teachers from implementing teaching plan perfectly at the beginning. I have three years experiences involving English teaching to children. What I have put forward is that having a lesson plan based on simply knowing students is far away from enough to teach properly particularly you are working in a school where teacher has to be with same students for many years. We still need to have a further study after observing students about their personality features and carefully categorize them into a certain kind of development stage in order to find the best approaches to adapt their situation. Moreover, it is also indispensable to be always ready to notice their development changes. By doing all of them, teachers are likely to change the discipline methods to different age group students.  


There is second reason that I think would prevent teacher from identifying age group trait and sticking or changing the disciplines .That is you also need to adapt and educate parents as an English to children since second language acquiring is a long-term process and you need support and trust from parents. Some parents are always eager to see progress from their children even after several classes. And they would be more anxious and complaining if they have shy children who don’t want to open their month to speak English at all. It may happen that teacher just merely push children to satisfy parents and ignore the patter of learning process.

The last reason I think is from teacher herself .Teachers may be easy to judge students and driven by authority or parents and always use the same discipline to all age group students. Additionally, teacher may also easily think what she provides is the best for students which would often make her feel hurt when she bumps into the reality. All of these phenomenon would make it harder for teachers to shift methods to various age students.

3.Finding the source of the problem

It is very important when trying to solve any academic, social or behavior problem, to find the source. If the source is the kid, there required solution will bee different than if the source is a teacher who is angry, boring or just not suitable to your child's communication style.

Unlike what people think, when teachers face such a problem, they tend to blametheir kids first, which only makes things worse. Kids who behave normally startsdeveloping a negative self image when being blamed for not succeeding in school-"you are lazy, "you didn't do your homework", "f were the teacher would be upset too" or "you need to study harder for your exams".

*Symptoms of a problem at school


The first thing you need to do is recognize that your child has a problem, It isgood to have your antennas tuned to find out when it starts. Usually, kids show signs in their behavior and language.

1. If they complain a lot, listen to them! Every kid has a complaint pattern, sostudy your kids' patterns and when something changes, find out why.

2. If your student is sick too often, this may be a sign that he or she is disturbedabout something. Try finding the source: exams, someone at school -child or adult, social anxiety, sports, not keep up with school work, etc.

3. If your student is very emotional, cries too much, seems too sensitive or feelsinsulted immediately, this is a sign that he or she is struggling emotionally and needs support. Try to find the need that is not fulfilled.

4.If your kid's academic achievements drop, this is a sign that something ishappening. Any significant drop (two marks) is a sign that something is happening.

5.If your child starts saying negative things about himself, like "'m stupid", "'m not good at this" or "'m lazy", this is a sign that the has already developed a negative self image and that something is definitely wrong and needs fixing. Do not allow yourkid to say bad things about himself and try to find out where he got the idea in the first place.  

6. If your child does not want to go to school.this is the ultimate sign. It is OK to say, "don't want to go to school" when they are tired or when there is a specialoccasion they do not want to miss, like going to the airport to pick their grandparents up or watch a sibling perform on stage, but if every day is a challenge, the kid has a problem and need help!



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